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Proton Iswara – named after a species of buttefly from Sarawak – was facelifted from the original Proton Saga in 1992.  One wonders whether the National Car Manufacturer were thinking of the greatest Mohamad Ali who was famed for his gracious dancing style of boxing in bringing the opponents down in his prime days, “He dances like a butterfly and stings like a bee”.No matter, modifications included slimmer headlights, plastic bumpers, side mouldings, coloured door handles, grooved taillight clusters and rear number plate repositioned to the bumper.  It was one popular model used as a family car and also for middle-level executives aggresively travelling across states in the process of climbing up their corporate ladders.

Pretty much in high in demand in their hay days, Proton Iswara continues to fetch good second hand value in the market.

Matching your competitive attribute or suitable for your familial inclination, Proton Iswara continue to out-performance its competitors in its own class.

Rent a Iswara from our fleet to match your character and personality from Kuching Car Rental.

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