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Welcome to Kuching Car Rental
– Your Preferred Car Rental Specialist!

Rates and Maintenance

All rental rates include vehicles maintenance, oil greasing and any cost of repairs incurred during rental period will only be refunded upon presentation of damage parts and supplier’s receipt. All rates are quoted in the local currency (RM) and subject to change without prior notice.

Driver’s Age and License Requirements

The renter & additional drivers must be between 23 & 65 years old and in procession of a valid national or international Driving License. Other nationals who hold a valid driving license in English can drive in Malaysia for a maximum of 3 months. Probational license holders will not be accepted.

Mode of Payment

ARIS welcomes payment in all major credit card (Visa, Master, JCB, American Express).

Collission Damaged Waiter (C.D.W)

~ The liability for this amount may be waived if you choose to accept C.D.W. as indicated in the schedule box.
~ Such C.D.W. coverage will only be effected subject to availability of a police report within 24 hours in reference to damages sustained to the vehicle.
~ Missing items or accessories are not protected by an insurance coverage or purchases of C.D.W.
~ However if the cause of accidents is found to be due to negligence of the hirer and or nay claims, cannot be made against third party, then the C.D.W. coverage will be considered null and void and the hirer will have to pay for all the damages incurred.

Traffic Related Offences

Petrol is not included in our rates. The hirer will also be responsible for any summons or fines issued by the Malaysian Traffic Police, Road Transport Authorities or Local Municipal Authorities.

Extension Of Rental

Should the hirer wish to extend the rental, it is most important that the rental station be advised immediately and the required additional amount paid so that the insurance cover is extended. Failure to do so may mean the hirer is driving the vehicle without insurance coverage.

Rent It Here, Leave It There

One-way rental is available for driver’s convenience upon reposition fee levied depending on distance and period of rental.

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