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We have compiled solid testimonies of clients who are regulars, short term and long term, from all over the world whom are more than happy to share with us their experiences with our high standards of service.We in kuching car rental are not perfect but we strive to give the best. That is why we are still listed as the number ONE  ranking in google and other search engine. Thanks for your patience and for growing with us…


I am a student with a budget. For my convocation at University Sarawak I was very happy to get the promotion for MPV Toyota Ipsum at RM198  per day.It was a real bargain as my whole family was here.” Cik siti aishah, Kelantan.


From a SMS message to Kuching Car Rental ” Thanks for your prompt sending of the automatic perodua alza as other rental companies did not want to send to our hotel four points at 9.00 pm due to short notice.Thanks also for the free extension of a few extra hours.As our appreciation we are topping up an extra RM40 into your petrol tank as a gesture of gratitude for your kindness and prompt service while others could not.”   Mrs Kwan Yoke Meng. Penang, Malaysia


MR Tan,  Burger King, Singapore. “ I thought i lost my SLR Nikon Camera complete with all my camera acessories forever.What a pleasant surprise when few days after i reached my hometown, i received my complete camera and other items in a well packed parcel free of  charge from Kuching Car Rental. I called the tour coordinator Miss Norma she just send her regards and just mentioned that they just want more business support and referrals.I will definitely recommend their services to my associates”


  I rented a brand new Saga Baru BLM and I am staying at the Damai Resort area for a few days.Upon arrival the car immobilizer system went crazy and the car could not start for a few hours. Finally the hotel boy got it started and running for our return trip from damai to town. It affected our holiday plans but somehow the car did not give further problems again. It was peak season and kuching car rental was unable to have an extra car to exchange. Upon arrival at the airport, I poured out my frustrations to the General Manager En my surprise he gave me a full refund plus a free Kek Lapis and a 50 % discount voucher for the next rental. Sometimes things do go wrong, it is how you handle it.Sincerely,I would not mind to rent from them again.”    DR Ahmed Shazad. Bahrain

En Yap,Kuala L umpur   ” I had a nasty shocked when after taking a Toyota Avanza from the airport, an old lady knocked me from behind.  Within 30 minutes a team of mechanics arrived and a coordinator from kuching car rental came to pick us up and send us to our hotel. Then they managed to upgrade us to a Toyota Ipsum for a minimum charge and our plans went alongas usual.I wish to record my thanks to the team from kuching car rental who really bend backwards to ensure our trip was pleasant and sweet”


 En Azrul,  Asst Director, Kementerian Kesihatan,I was given a strict budget for an MPV 8 seaters to do a roadshow plus driver to travel from Kuching To Miri. Kuching car rental provided me with a full time driver, who stayed with us showed us the way and drove us for the full two weeks.    He became our good friend also. Most of all the  organisers worked within the budget I was given by the ministry.I did ask around for a few quotations some did not even responded. We did use Kuching car rental for the recent Sarawak election and as expected they were very helpfull. Just by a phone all, they reserved a few big cars for us.”

 Mdm Lee, secretary, singapore.” I needed a van for 12 seaters and I happened to bring along my father who was a former stroke patient and my mother in law who was frail. It was my fathers last wish to come back to Kuching as my late mum was from here.It was hard for old people to get in and out a hiace van.To my surprise, en aris ,the general manager,arranged for an extra vehicle free of charge for our parents with an extra driver.We felt so touched that we still compensated them a little for their time,efforts and extra service”


I came to kuching because of the food.. Kuching Car rental’s staff specially br0ught us to have the best Kolo me,Laksa, sea food and lots of western dinners too.Thanks To Kuching Car Rental..Happy New Year 2012 May you continue with your efforts and have a properous year ahead.” En shamsir Osman, Nigeria


Pal Transport,Ananconda ” My company sent me from KL to start a small office in kuching.I needed to rent a good,trouble free and affordable car for a year here.We got good bargains and package from kuching Car rental..Their staff are pleasant to deal with.When my car was due for service they would replace a car and exchange after repair or service.They also recommended places to rent and even good staff for our office.Recently, I had an accident everything was settled in a few days.”